Over the years, I have enjoyed working for business clients, helping them with their procedural and technical documentation. However, a change in focus over the last year or so has meant a desire to concentrate on works from authors writing fiction and narrative non-fiction. As such, the sample of testimonials below relate only to these areas of writing.


“I also have to thank Imelda Cribbin for editing this document to its final form so that I could have a finished product suitable for publication. Imelda has a terrific eye for the smallest detail and I can recommend her to anyone undertaking a similar project.”

Colin Smeal—My Dad, My Hero
Cover printed with permission
Self-published hard copy, 2018
Genre:  Biography
Editing: Structural edit, copyedit and formatting for print publishing.



“I can heartily recommend the editing services of Imelda Cribbin.

Imelda helped so much in the preparation of my first novel “To Perihelion”. Imelda’s developmental edit enabled me to see past the minutiae of the writing task to all the really important parts of my novel.  The character development, their individual ‘voices’ and motivations, the narrative structure, the world building. And on and on.

Being a science-fiction writer, I was very careful in my search for an editor. I was so happy then to find that Imelda’s technical writing experience made her well suited to the task, asking me the right questions about everything from asteroids to space stations!

As a new fiction writer, I had heard about how daunting the experience of editing could be. The act of entrusting my precious fragile work to someone who may send it back to me torn into shreds was a little frightening. Fortunately for my ego, Imelda understands that process very well. She worked to look past my mistakes and cliches to what the manuscript could be. She was a great source of encouragement, enabling me to turn the manuscript into something that could be published.”

CJ Turrell—To Perihelion
Cover printed with permission
Self-published e-book on Amazon, 2019
Genre:  Science fiction
Editing: Structural/developmental edit.



“Imelda was a great help in enabling me to complete my memoir. She provided me with positive support and detailed recommendations in a very open and responsive manner. I strongly recommend her.”

David Baker—Where to Next? A life on the move
Cover printed with permission
Self-published hard copy, 2019
Genre:  Autobiography
Editing: Structural/developmental edit.




“Imelda is a fine and incisive editor. Her care with my manuscript was heartwarming, her professional advice valuable, particularly when she worked on my clumsy early drafts of Not for Us to Know. In her recent editing of this book she went ‘above and beyond’, picking up wayward facts in addition to delivering the work before deadline. She also assisted with a beautiful business card design.

Imelda respects the beauty and facility of the English language; her multiple services certainly enhance my efforts.”

The Hon. Mary Delahunty—Working title: Not for Us to Know
Genre:  Literary fiction

Editing: Copy/line editing and formatting.



“I have been fortunate to have Imelda work on the structural edit of my manuscript. As a novice writer, I appreciated that Imelda took the time to answer my queries and explain the editing process.  I found her to be professional, articulate and her extensive publishing industry knowledge has been incredibly beneficial to the development and editing process of my manuscript.

I highly recommend Imelda and will continue to work with her in the future.”

Jo Bainbridge—Working title: Macy
Genre:  Romance
Editing: Manuscript assessment, structural/developmental edit.



“Thank you, Imelda, for leaving no stone unturned while assessing my manuscript. I am grateful for the communication and the accessible way in which you have structured your notes, and thank you for the suggestions. You have given me the guidelines that I needed to continue in the completion of my book.

I look forward to continuing working with you during the editing process of this project. Once again thank you for sharing my vision.”

Marina Brbot—Working titleDared to Climb, Chose to Win
Genre:  Memoir—self-help
Editing: Manuscript assessment.



“I sent Imelda a short story, one that I’m compiling into an autobiographical anthology. I found Imelda’s input invaluable. Imelda guided me from start to finish, completing structural edits, copyediting, as well as fixing up any grammatical errors. Imelda helped me with the development process, explaining clearly to me why parts of my writing had to be changed or altered. More importantly, Imelda helped me highlight what theme I was aiming for and helped get the best out of me in regards to my writing. 

I found Imelda easy to deal with, will continue to use her services and recommend her in all aspects of the editing process.”

Paul Harman—Working title: Datsun 200B
Genre:  Memoir—anthology of short stories
Editing: Structural/developmental edit, copyedit.



“Thanks Imelda, I now feel so enlightened. What a mammoth task you accomplished in such meticulous detail and still so reader friendly. The layout and overall presentation is so professional and the index is extremely helpful. You are a talented lady who gave so much of your time and (nervous) energy to the project. We’re all indebted to you. Míle buíochas.”

Philip J Cribbin, Ireland: feedback on Cribbin family tree—From Ireland to countries far
Imelda Cribbin, self-published hard copy, 2020
Genre:  Family history
Editing: compiled, edited and formatted for print publishing
Printing: liaising with printer, checking pre-print proofs, finalising and arranging distribution.


“Imelda’s helpful suggestions, support and attention to detail was what I needed to get to the finished product in my first attempt at writing. I can recommend Imelda and thank her for her encouragement along the way.”

Anna Morgan—Silvio Bernabo: In search of a better life
Cover printed with permission
Self-published hard copy, 2021
Genre:  Family History – Biography
Editing: Structural edit, copyedit, formatting and proofreading
Printing: liaising with printer on behalf of client, checking pre-print proofs.



“We wish to put on record our appreciation of the excellent work which Imelda has performed in editing Ancestral Snippets, a collection of biographies forming part of our family’s history. From the first contact to the delivery of the finished product we were in the hands of a consummate professional. Here was an experienced editor at work who with great sensitivity turned the rough edges of the manuscript into a polished product. Every stage of the process was painstakingly documented, and the timing of all development steps accurately forecast.

We have no hesitation in recommending Imelda for this type of editorial work.”

Herbert & Frauke Mees—Ancestral Snippets
Cover printed with permission
Self-published hard copy, 2021
Genre:  Family history
Editing: Structural edit, copyedit, formatting and proofreading
Printing: liaising with printer on behalf of client, checking pre-print proofs.


“As my family history story grew, I decided I would like to publish but had no experience in this. The story was rather long and involved four families. After several efforts at structuring the document, I sought help. Imelda took a firm hand to the complexities and as well as restructuring the document, gave me instructions on what to include in my story and how to handle citations. I certainly learned a lot from her that I wish I had known at the start. Her expertise and guidance have been invaluable.”

Susanne Clarkson—Working title: Mining, Music and Myola: Story of John Cartwright
Genre:  Family history
Editing: Structural/developmental edit.


“Thank you Imelda for your attention to detail and professional knowledge that we needed to publish the genealogies in Audrey’s book. This will be a valuable reference for generations to come.”
Clare Dyer

Audrey Ledwich—My Story: Perspectives on life and family as an Australian woman in the twentieth century
Cover printed with permission
New edition—self-published hard copy, 2022
Genre:  Memoir/Family history
Editing: Genealogical documentation specialist.



“I was determined to write the story of my family, but as a first-time writer, I found writing my family history became more difficult as I went along. Imelda was recommended to me as an editor. I am very pleased with her structural edit which she combined with some copy editing.

Imelda took the grand view and the detailed view equally and focused on where corrections and suggestions for improvement were most needed. She pointed to the many mistakes and repeats and made suggestions to overcome some same name confusions – as can be found in family histories.

Being too close to the narrative I could not see the repeats elsewhere in the document or the confusion over names. Imelda made some crucial suggestions to reorder some sections. The story is dense with characters and events and now flows in an easy-to-read narrative.

Imelda brought the manuscript into a more professional looking document in a timely manner. Her editing represents a huge step forward in my book writing project. I am most grateful to have had her involvement in my book. I commend Imelda to others considering writing their family histories.”

Noreen Nation—Working title: Gingerbread Bakers and Tinsmiths: The Tuck Family
Genre:  Family history
Editing: Structural/developmental edit.



“I was at a point in my novel writing, a new genre for me, where I needed help. Imelda Cribbin read my third draft and gave me a very generous editing assessment while encouraging and motivating me to continue.

She brought me back to the core of my story, suggested I look at my choice of first or third person narrative form and pointed out where flash backs from past to present were not clear. Imelda’s assessing edit was not only written from a skilled editorial point of view but as a reader would look at the novel.

Because of my trust in Imelda, I changed much of the writing which worked better. I doubt if I would have finished my novel without her assistance.”

Susan-Gaye Anderson—A Red Hibiscus
Cover printed with permission
Self-published hard copy, 2022
Genre:  Fiction
Editing: Manuscript assessment


“I cannot thank Imelda enough for the exceptional work she did in helping us write my granddad’s memoir. My granddad loved telling Imelda his stories and both my Dad and I loved how she translated them into a wonderful narrative.

Imelda’s attention to detail and commitment to capturing the essence of my granddad’s story was remarkable. Her professionalism, kindness, and expertise made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free. We are forever grateful for her contributions, and highly recommend Imelda to anyone looking to tell their own or a loved one’s life story.”




Samara Greenwood (commissioner)—A Life Full of Stories: Memories of Toolangi, War and Lorna
Cover printed with permission
Self-published hard copy, 2023
Genre: Autobiography/Life story
Writing: Interviewing, writing
Editing: Liaising with client on redrafts, copyediting, formatting and proofreading
Printing: Liaising with printer on behalf of client, checking pre-print proofs


“I was fortunate to have spotted Imelda on a list of professional editors and was drawn to her service because she is involved in family history writing, and my project was a family history manuscript.

Imelda gave me so much valuable information and tips to improve my work. I loved her approach: she was encouraging and the work was always mine: her advice and tips were just that – it was my choice as to whether or how to take them on board. I am now beginning the process of reviewing her suggestions which I feel sure will improve my work no end.

The wonderful thing about my consultation was that Imelda ‘gets’ family history: the emotional context and the very individual goals that people embarking on such a project might have.

Thanks Imelda for your generosity in time and expertise.”

Denise Newton—Working title: Eather, Newton and Robinson families
Genre:  Family history, 2024
Editing: Beta read and Zoom consultation


“Writing my memoir was engrossing. It explores the nooks and crannies of my life. I was born in 1944 and have many nooks and crannies to write about. What with credits and content pages, plus some appendices, it well ended up more than 250 pages long.

I commissioned Imelda to carry out a ‘structural edit’, to put my draft into a readable order. But she has done a lot more – highlighting duplications, cautioning me on potential copyright issues, offering advice to improve readability, and a host of other suggestions.

Her attention to detail was phenomenal, and meticulous.

I have written many articles for medical newsletters about medical politics, medical law, medical practice management, clinical risk management and communication skills – topics that encircle the practice of medicine. Except when writing theses for my Masters in Health and Medical Law, where language must be exact and follow the rules of legal writing, I use a conversational style for general writing. Imelda very quickly picked up the ‘voice’ of my writing and her suggestions were absolutely on point.

I have a lot more work to do, inserting photos, YouTube and other links, getting copyright permissions, and all the other bits and pieces required for self-publishing. I have no intent to publish the book commercially but put it ‘open access’ on the ‘Cloud.’

I want it to be a ‘good read’ for those who choose to read it.

It will be a much, much better book because of Imelda’s involvement. I cannot thank – and recommend – her enough.”

Dr Paul Nisselle AM—And With The Best Yet to Come
M.Health & Med Law

Genre:  Family history
Editing: Structural/developmental edit