Editor | Writer | Trainer

Do you have thoughts and notes you have scribbled down on paper in the hope that one day they will all come together, bringing to life that manuscript or special document that has been itching to get out?

Have you put your heart and soul into developing your story, be it genre fiction—teasing out the plot, the characters, the time period and setting—or perhaps a narrative non-fiction, memoir, biography or family history that contains photographs, family tree charts, supporting evidentiary documentation and anecdotes?

Do you dream of self-publishing your work, either en masse or for a select audience? Or perhaps you wish to submit your manuscript to a publisher or agent?

Whatever stage of development your work is at, it is important to know your audience and present the best outcome possible. Having a qualified professional editor take the time and care to provide writing insight and editorial suggestions is the next step, and this is where I can help. 

Welcome to the world of editing, a place where your written word can be polished in a consultative and respectful process so that it showcases your best work.

Imelda M Cribbin