Writing your story or family history

Over the years I have helped authors with their memoirs and biographies, and assisted countless others searching for clues on their family history.

As a first-generation Australian, I have an abiding interest in family history, trees, stories and memoir. Everyone has a story if you are prepared to listen. This is why I recently joined Life Stories Australia as an allied member and have commenced a Diploma of Family History with the University of Tasmania.



A memoir is a recollection of a pertinent experience, a moment in time, or a memory supported by facts. Lengths can vary from one page to book-length.

In contrast, you can record a full account of a person’s life story; either someone you know (a biography), or your own (an autobiography).

Further to these options, you can write a family tree history recording the people, branch charts, historic events, articles, family stories, anecdotes and photos.

If you have a story to tell, let me help you edit it. Alternatively, if you don’t know where to start or don’t feel you have the writing skills to put ‘pen to paper’, writing your memoir, autobiography or family history for you is a service I can also provide.

Please have a look at my Testimonials page to see how I have helped clients publish their stories. As for myself, I continue to work on various areas of my own heritage with some of my personal projects in recent years including:


Shared moments: A family’s favourite recipes.

A 160-page collection of favourite recipes and family photos

Self-published, hard copy in 2016.




A two page memoir relating to my mother’s ancestral homeplace outside of Galway, Ireland for Moycullen Heritage, 2018:  https://moycullen.galwaycommunityheritage.org/content/people/annagh-to-melbourne



A two page graduate profile written on behalf of my father to celebrate 70 years since he graduated as a civil engineer. University of Ireland Galway’s alumni magazine Cois Coiribe, 2018, pps.52-53: https://www.nuigalway.ie/coiscoiribe/



Cribbin family tree: From Ireland to countries far.

A 470-page colour printed history of the Cribbin family dating from c.1790 to present day.

Self-published, hard copy in 2020.